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Also today a guy tried a few different approaches to starting a conversation with me while I was shopping at the grocery store and I was immediately wary and shut him down each time. 

Then after trying to joke about how he has to shave every day and I just stared at him blankly, trying to figure out what degree of crazy/dangerous he was, he just pulled out some checks and started talking about how he can’t cash them but needs cash for some medical thing.

I said firmly, “Zero part of me has any interest in whatever scam you’re trying to pull. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN HELPING YOU” but that didn’t stop him from following me around the store until I left and looped back around in via a different entrance.

So it’s fun to know that I look like an easy mark!

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My computer did a weird thing and deleted all my episodes of HDTGM, but on the plus side it erased my play counts so I won’t seem like such a maniac now

I guess I better listen to them all again to get rid of that blue dot :)